Enterprise class browser based and hosted project management software that Integrates with QuickBooks desktop.

A complete solution for your company so that you can maintain leads & crm and then create customers, projects, estimates, invoices, purchase orders, work orders, labor checks, time cards and more all with the potential of unlimited users. Includes signature capture, PDF documents, EFax integration and credit cards in an all in one solution that gives your team the ability to work from a computer and/or smart pad or mobile device.

Qube Time Tracking
With Qube Time tracking works on computers, tablets and smart phones and features:

  • Qube time cards can show you the actual cost of payroll as the job progresses.
  • Tracks clock in/out time, lunch, travel time, company time with GPS locations.
  • Tracks union labor codes, positions and shifts.
  • Qube time cards hours are imported into QuickBooks at the push of a button.
  • Assigned resources can see their work orders on any computer or smart phone or tablet.
  • Resources can snap pictures, upload videos or documents, read project manager notes and add/view project journal notes.
  • Requires Qube Projects 2019 and a Quick Base subscription.

New Available Options: 

  • Tracking for Unions, Shifts and Positions. 
  • Project Journal (with Pictures). 
  • Project Manager Notes.
  • View and record the Actual Quantity of Materials used. 
  • Track time against specific work details for one or more resources.
  • Capture Signatures on Time Cards.