Enterprise class browser based and hosted project management software that Integrates with QuickBooks desktop.

A complete solution for your company so that you can maintain leads & crm and then create customers, projects, estimates, invoices, purchase orders, work orders, labor checks, time cards and more all with the potential of unlimited users. Includes signature capture, PDF documents, EFax integration and credit cards in an all in one solution that gives your team the ability to work from a computer and/or smart pad or mobile device.

Qu-Soft Software
Qube ProjectsTM is an enterprise class cost estimating and project management software that can empower your team to create and track Leads, Opportunities, Customers, Projects, Estimates, Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Payments, A/P Bill Entry, Journal Entries, Work Orders, Job Schedules, Issue Tracking, GPS Time Cards, Sub-Labor Checks, Invoices, Customer Payments, Credit Card processing and more all with unlimited users and with accounting integration into desktop QuickBooks for Windows.  

Qube also has other great features including Send-Easy.  Send-Easy automates the process of sending estimates for customers to sign, approve and make a payment.  Once signed, Send-Easy stores the records and delivers a copy to the appropriate parties all without the need for a third party signature software.  

In addition, we can crowdfund additional code project and customize the software with new features such as RFI and Submittals.

Get all of these great features and more with accounting integration into QuickBooks desktop for Windows.
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