Enterprise class browser based and hosted project management software that Integrates with QuickBooks desktop.

A complete solution for your company so that you can maintain leads & crm and then create customers, projects, estimates, invoices, purchase orders, work orders, labor checks, time cards and more all with the potential of unlimited users. Includes signature capture, PDF documents, EFax integration and credit cards in an all in one solution that gives your team the ability to work from a computer and/or smart pad or mobile device.

 Software Requirements

  • Recent Edition of QuickBooks for Windows desktop.
  • Quick Base Premier account or greater. (20 users +).
  • Quick Base gives you 24 / 7 / 365 access to your application that is rigorously backed up 14 x daily for the past 6 months.
  • Contact Qu-Soft sales if you do not yet have a Quick Base account.

Additional benefits:

  • Does not require any additional server hardware to purchase, upgrade or maintain.
  • Works on all computers via a secure browser and internet connection including on smart iPads or iPhone type devices.
  • Program functionality can be expanded by you or by support.
  • Offline expandable if needed.
  • Does not require a programmer or full time database administrator.
  • Servers, hardware and services are provided by Quick Base.