Bridge-Easy – FAQ

What is Bridge-Easy?

Bridge-Easy is our proprietary desktop software that keeps list and transactions accounting data in QuickBooks up to date.

How does it work?

Bridge-Easy will add and/or update from Qube to desktop editions of QuickBooks for Windows. This is key because it breaks the QuickBooks 30 user limit so that you can have UNLIMITED users in Qube which is hosted on the Quick Base platform.

How easy is it to set up Qube to work with QuickBooks?

Setup is easy. Qu-Soft will help you set up your application as part of the on boarding process.

What is the best approach to using Qube and QuickBooks together?

Qube becomes the dominate or “master” software for all your leads, sales, purchasing, work orders, invoices and payments along with managing back orders, checks and timecards. Therefore, your accounting department does what they do best and in return you can have a more robust platform that can be customized and better fit the needs of your growing business.

What lists updates does Bridge-Easy do into QuickBooks?

Customers, Project, Resources (Vendors and Employees), Chart of Accounts, Items, Customer Types, Project Types, Sales Tax Items, and will be added and/or edited by Bridge-Easy into QuickBooks.

How do we get our transaction data from Qube into QuickBooks?

Bridge-Easy does all of this for you. Simply follow the setup process and you can begin connecting your data.

How can I set up my items list?

Qube’s item list has a powerful price update tool that marks discontinued items for you as inactive while it adds and updates the items that are current. There is even a built in QR scanning tool so that you can look up the prices on products and is easy for your employees to use and is password protected to keep others out.