Qu-Soft Project Management Software

Software Requirements

Qube Requires: Quickbase Premier or greater. (20 users +).   QuickBooks Premier, if you have < 15,000 items, or QuickBooks Enterprise if greater. Qube software for Quickbase. Qube Benefits:  Qube does not require any additional server hardware. Qube is accessible on all computers via secure browser and internet. Qube is available on iPads, iPhones, smart[…]

Send-Easy – FAQ

What is Send-Easy? Send-Easy is a powerful integrated software tool inside of Qube.  Send-Easy is virtually identical to an online document signing service, Send-Easy converts the various documents that are generated inside of Qube, such as estimates, invoices, purchase orders and work orders, into a PDF so they can be send and/or electronically signed without[…]