Privacy Policy

Qu-Soft’s use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Qube software (by “Qu-Soft LLC”) has Google API integration that can assist a project managers ability to schedule projects with a person’s Google calendar.

Upon your approval to use this feature you consent to share the dates and/or times where you are available on your Google calendar.  At all times you will be able to grant or revoke access to your open google calendar details using the log in link that was provided to you. (Read how to disable below.)

How this works:  

When you grant permission, the software will store an encrypted access token that will allow the project manager’s scheduling team to see the days and times you are available to assign new work. Your data in no way is intended to be shared.  Encrypted tokens will be stored in the Quickbase cloud.

Visible Data: The only visible Google calendar data users see are day and time slots you are available where you have no previously scheduled activities.

New Work Order Assignment: When a work order is offered, you (“the recipient”) decide to accept the work order or not. When you accept the work order it will then be added to your Google calendar. If the job schedule is modified, the work order may be removed from your calendar, and/or re-offered to you on another date/time, and/or re-assign to another party.

How to Disable Access: Should you want to disable access log into your username profile and look for the “Access Enabled” button and click once. When done it will say Access Disabled confirming you have revoked permissions, which fill in effect reduce the frequency in which work may be offered to you.