About the Software

Why Qube software is the leading world class ERP software.

Qube is our flagship ERP software that is dedicated to help you manage new leads, customers and projects, with end to end creation of estimates, purchase orders, work orders, job schedules, time cards, invoices, payments and many other additional features.  Our proprietary interfaces provide users an in depth view of customer and project data without the frequent need to drill down into the details.  

With Qube you get everything you need to run your business in the cloud globally including desktop QuickBooks integration.

  • Qube software license (non-transferable).
  • Bridge-Easy (brings your data from the cloud to accounting).
  • Qu-Soft Time Tracker.
  • Qu-Soft Shop Time Cards.
  • Credit Card Processing.
  • More features added all the time.

Every aspect of Qube software is meant to save time, increase productivity and increase sales.

Bridge-Easy by Qu-Soft will connect  your accounting data into QuickBooks desktop for Windows