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When a company begins to use Qube there is the typical time of software adaptation. As employees have learned the basics and embraced the software a transformation begins. This transformation is what you are looking for and it is followed by an growth in efficiency and productivity. After this adaptation the employees will likely identify “other needed solutions” to further gain efficiency. It is at this precise point where the “idea bulb” turns on and you realize the value of Qube on the Quick Base platform. As the bulb shines bright so are the rewards that are worth more than the investment.

Here are some case examples:

Dominion Siding, Nashville Tenn. — Qube has transitioned this industry leader into a growth company ready to expand. Need processes were identified early on and customized solutions were designed and implemented by the Qu-Soft team. With estimating focused on bid management and implemented special price level systems so creating estimates now for new homes take less than 5 minutes. Purchasing is also more efficient because they can filter for the tasks or work areas that need to be ordered. With invoicing similar strides we’re made and yet we are ready to expand their needs again by reducing the time it takes to create invoices with new custom programming. When done, it will take an 8 hour task and reduce it to less than 15 minutes.

Sable Asphalt, Akron Ohio — One of our originals, Sable Asphalt grew substantially in their first two years alone. Qube got Sable out of the no mans land of “dependency” on spreadsheets and into increased efficiency. We customized with new code for their websites so that website leads were ported directly into opportunity management where all leads are gathered, then automatically categorized and distributed to sales reps. Next, with our advanced estimating tools more jobs could be bid faster, contracts closed faster and sales propelled them into the double digit growth every year since. Another gain in efficiency is in time cards. Sable needed solutions to manage time cards in the field so we designed and implemented, Time Trakker. Time Trakker is Gps enabled technology that delivers the field workers their work orders, addresses, directions along with the materials to be used so they can record what was actually used at each job site. In addition, users can take pictures, job journals, receipts all with the instant gratification of knowing time cards are being updated in live time within Qube. Then we did not stop there, we also made auditing and approving time cards quicker reducing the time from 3 working days to as little as 2 hours. These are just two examples.

Why Quick Base is the right platform for Qube?

  • Quick Base is the most scalable and robust database platform on the internet.
  • It is constantly monitored and improved by professional team of software engineers.
  • The cost of Quick Base is a mere fraction of what you would pay to host a private solution.
  • Quick Base platform offers a rapid development environment, which makes it possible for your employees to develop their own low code solutions.
  • All of these benefits with the scalable unlimited user platform gives your company the cutting edge of technology at an affordable price.

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