Qu-Soft Project Management Software

Qube software is the key advantage.

At Qu-Soft we are innovators and we designed our software with time saving features to increase productivity and efficiency.

Our software offers a robust project management experience with unlimited user capability and desktop QuickBooks integration. In addition, unlike most software ours can be tailored to you exact business processes so say good bye to canned solutions and hello to the most flexible solution on the market.

Why host Qu-Soft’s software on the Quick Base cloud platform (we think of it as a value proposition).

Hosting on Quick Base offers unlimited user capacity so you can exceed the QuickBooks 30 user limit.

Quick Base is a rapid development solution making solutions easier to roll out and make them globally available.

With the new Cloud Pipes technology you will have virtually unlimited integration into other systems.

Quick Base has amazing uptime and is available on Chrome, Mozilla, Edge or IE browsers on any computer, laptop, smart tablet or phone.

Quick Base is a fraction of the cost to host your own solution and is monitored and updated with the latest technology, 24/7/365 and backed up 14x each day.

With Qu-Soft each module is designed to be robust in every since of the word saving time and increasing productivity.

Bar none, there is no equivalent solution given the Quick Base platform, the power of the Qu-Soft software and QuickBooks integration.Hosting this software on Quick Base gives you an engineering dream team and hardware at for a fraction of the cost.

With Qu-Soft and QuickBooks Enterprise together your company can break the QuickBooks 30 user barrier and have unlimited users in a secure cloud environment and give your team the ability to work from anywhere on any device.

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