Core Modules

Qube’s core software modules are robust

Core modules include:

  • Powerful AI smart estimating gives you the ability to create fast and accurate estimates.
  • Send-Easy captures signatures and payments. Saves and sends the signed copy automatically.
  • Purchase Orders are AI smart and calculate order quantities for you.
  • Task Scheduler maximizes productivity by giving you a single source of truth.
  • Resource availability & smart weather is unique to each project address using lat/long locations.
  • View external subcontractor resources availability on their Google while scheduling.
  • Smart Scheduler TM  is AI smart and optimizes scheduling with available resources to matching tasks while factoring in weather and material availability.
  • Progress invoicing is quick and easy. Bill all, some or percentage of completion.
  • Subcontractor Payments (click to pay all, some or by percentage of completion.
  • Time Cards that provide source work details, job locations, directions, estimated vs actual travel, estimated vs actual work duration, mileage, pictures, materials, capture signatures, and more.
  • Create Bills against purchase orders at the push of a button.
  • Create Payments against purchase orders at a push of a button and send payment authorizations.
  • Integrate Docparser to automatically parse invoices and file them to che customer, project, supplier, purchase order, payment and/or bill. Required Docparser subscription and setup is not included.
  • Document viewer for which can also download to zip file to archive.
  • Import supplier using csv spreadsheet data and manage drops.
  • Maintain unique pricing for different supplier locations.
  • Import multiple resource prices at same time even with multiple item categories.
  • Imports while keeping your data clean and consistent.
  • Track item price history.
  • Attachments document viewer for all of your documents and types.
  • Download to zip and save your files for off-site archiving.
  • Built in scanner takes scanned files from your multi purpose printer’s to the cloud.
  • RFI’s (Request for Information) send out electronic requests for project changes.