Core Modules

Qube ERP’s core software modules are super charged for business.

Core modules include:

  • Robust Estimating that is AI smart, powerful and creates a customizable data entry to enter in either create single items, group items or list an assembly to select from to create a fast bid/quote that you can easily order from.
  • Send-Easy captures estimate signatures and payments. Stores the signed contract and automatically sends them a signed copy and emails a receipt.
  • View your estimated costs versus actuals at the project.
  • Purchase Orders (AI smart, calculates order quantities for you, filter by work area and/or task).
  • Compare last minute pricing on materials at the time purchase orders are created.
  • Task Scheduler maximizes your job calendar by using real estimate data, resource availability & smart weather unique to each project’s actual lat/long location).
  • Smart Scheduler TM  is AI smart and optimizes scheduling with available resources to matching tasks while factoring in weather and material availability.
  • Invoices (check to mark complete or bill by a percentage by completion).
  • Subcontractor Payments (check to pay complete or pay by percentage of completion).
  • Time Cards (built in employee time cards not only provide the work order details, but also the job locations, directions, estimate travel (so you can compare with actual travel), estimated work durations, (so that you can compare with actual work time), track location, mileage, job pictures, materials used, capture signatures, load/get the SOW from the project manager and more.
  • Track purchase orders to make sure the materials are ready before you start the job.
  • Easily create Bills and against purchase orders – (bill adjust to final total for you for faster data entry),
  • Easily create Payments against purchase orders – (simplify being a cash based business easily by sending the supplier payment authorizations that will also be recorded in QuickBooks for you).
  • Create Adjusting Journal Entries. 
  • File-Easy connects to your multi purpose printer’s scanning software to send documents into the cloud.  Scan all types of documents including contracts, bills, purchase order and more.
  • RFI’s (Request for Information) send out electronic requests for project changes. A must for GC’s.
  • Document viewer for your documents which can also download to zip and file so you can archive.
  • Import Items price list from your suppliers
    • You can import per supplier using their CSV data.
    • You can import per supplier and also maintain unique pricing for their different locations.
    • You can import in items for buying groups for when there are more than one suppliers products on a price sheet which may also include more than one item category.
    • Search and replace values before importing.
    • This process also manages products that have been dropped by the supplier and to prevent them from being used on future bids.
    • Look up an items price history.

New Features now in beta:

  • The ability to parse receipts and invoices and automatically create bills and checks while also filing the documents as an attachment and is connected to the customer, project, resource, purchase order, payment and/or bill. Additional cost required.