Qube Reports

There are hundreds of standard and customizable reports to choose from.

Homepage Dashboard Reports

Dashboard Reports can be customized and be role specific.  Present dashboards provide the user the most frequent reports they will use so that the is software easier to navigate while also providing the most relevant data a click away.

  • Active Jobs
  • Submitted Bids
  • Leads
  • Open Orders
  • Job Calendar
  • Ready to Invoice
  • Open Invoices

Project Reports

  • Estimated Details vs Actuals
  • Year Over Year
  • Profitability by Project
  • Deposit Balance
  • Work In Progress Report (WIPS)
  • And many more including graph reports that are prebuilt and ready to go

Report Options

And hundreds more to choose from including your customizable options: table reports, summary, Kanban, charts, maps, calendar or timeline.