Qube Project Schedulers™

What Project Scheduling tools does Qube offer?

Qube has two types of project schedulers.  Qube Task Scheduler and Qube Smart Scheduler™.  Qube Task Scheduler lets you see and schedule work details using your favorite calendar views. You can also select one or more jobs simultaneously plus filter by tasks and work areas.

Can I filter the Qube job scheduling in a daily view?

Yes there are multiple views including daily, 3 day, 5 day, weekly, monthly and list.  Scheduling views can be pivoted to view it by Resource or Project.  When scheduled, you can also use drag and drop to move task or  reassign them all on the fly.

Can see the jobs that are managed by a project manager?

Yes, you can filter by project manager, sales rep or project coordinator.



What else can you do with our schedulers?

Quickly assign work tasks using any of the schedule views,  view weather every 3 hours over 5 days for each unique job address, reassign from one resource to another where even the “open” portion of the work order that was not paid out to the previous subcontractor is automatically assigned to the new one.   Handles employee schedules too.

What is Smart Scheduler™?

Smart Schedule is a very powerful scheduling tool. If you follow best practices for setting up the application to its fullest potential then when you use Smart Scheduler this scheduling tool version of the scheduler will organize and job scheduling process by matching skills of available resources with the skills of the work details that need to be scheduled all while providing live weather guidance at each jobs unique GPS location every 3 hours over a 5 day period.

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