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Qube Case Study



Case Study

The image is a group of KPI indicators and report graphs that represents real growth for the year ending 2021 where sales rose from 1.9 million the previous year to 3 million.  This is a repeated example of how Qube software helps customers grow their business. Customers have told us that their sales by grew 50% the first year, similar to the above, from 4 million to 6 million, and then year 2 to almost 8 million.  The growth is attributed of the Qube’s ability to provide a cohesive environment and with that the ability to create all transactions faster including estimates as the more estimates you can create and close sales the more your company will grow.  


About Qube:

Qube is our flagship ERP software that is dedicated to help you manage new leads, customers and projects, with end to end creation of estimates, purchase orders, work orders, job schedules, time cards, invoices, payments and many other additional features.  Our proprietary interfaces provide an in depth view of data without the need to drill down the details.  

The benefits of our software include: 

  • A cloud based experience gives users the ability to work from anywhere.
  • Includes CRM capability so your team can create and track leads, opportunities, activities, as well at attachments during the course of creating customers, projects and related transactions. 
  • Bridge-Easy is our proprietary product that to connects the cloud data form Qube to your accounting data in QuickBooks for Windows.
  • Qube is scalable so whether you need a few users, a hundred, thousands or unlimited, Qube software can grow with your business and is customizable as you grow.
  • Qube offers integrated PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing solution thru First Data.
  • Qube’s Projects Time Cards can track company, travel and work time and offers Union payroll support. 
  • Our systems are designed to create transactions fast and easy, and yet more powerful in the way data is managed in a precise manner throughout the application.
New Features:
  • The ability to forward and manage Invoices with ease as documents may be parsed and sent into Qube (via docparser) where the invoices and receipts can be files automatically and related to the customer, project, resource, purchase order, payment and/or bill.  You can even view the pdf document from the attachment record.

Core Modules of Qube include:

  • Estimating, simple, group and assembly bid items
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Invoices
  • Subcontractor Payments
  • Time Cards (field and in office)
  • New Qube Smart Scheduler TM  is AI smart and optimizes scheduling with available resources to matching tasks while factoring in weather and material availability.
  • New Task Scheduler maximizes every opportunity to fill in your job schedule.
  • Create Bills and against purchase orders.
  • Create Payments against purchase orders.
  • Create Adjusting Entry Journals.
  • New Time Card features have been added.
  • Create Builder Master Plans Templates.  
  • Quick Import for use with Planswift and Xactimate .CSV Files.
  • Import Items price list from your suppliers.  
  • Import Item prices for materials from the same supplier, but with cost in different geographic locations.
  • Look up Item Price history.
  • Look up other vendor pricing at the time purchase orders are created.
  • Customer Level Payment Processing with Credit Card Support. 
  • File-Easy.  This desktop software will connect to your local scanner on your printer and scan documents into the cloud.  You can scan all types of documents including signed contracts, bills, purchase order confirmations and more.
  • RFI’s (Request for Information) send out electronic requests for project changes. This is a must for general contractors.