Qube Time Easy – FAQ

What is Qube Time-Easy?

Qube software has an integrated Time tracking module called, Time-Easy. As you assign work orders to Employees using Time-Easy on their smart tablet or smart phones your employees can access their daily work schedules.

What features does Time-Easy offer?

Once you assign a work order your employees can log in to Time-Easy. Once logged in they can create their daily crew of other employees to work with them. Then they have a host of features including:

  • Get their current location for turn by turn directions from their present location to the job site.
  • Clock in and out for Travel Time
  • Clock in and out for Job Work.
  • Supports Union Time Tracking, Assigning Roles and Shifts.
  • See their complete work order details.
  • See the list of all materials to be used on the job that pertain to them and then record the actual quantity of materials used.
  • Take general pictures and upload files to the project.
  • Create/View project journal entries setting what type, adding in notes and then being able to create pictures, upload multiple pictures from the camera roll and files.
  • Plus, the Project Manager can upload notes for the crew and files relating to the overall scope of work.

Timecard entries are recorded live into Qube for Quick Base in real time so there is no external program to use. Timecard entries are imported into QuickBooks using the Bridge-Easy software. Bridge-Easy also calculates and converts the over time for you.

Pictures are stored in Amazon S3 with a thumbnail viewable on the project in Qube so that you can view them in a matter of moments.

Other features include: Qube Time-Easy can also capture signatures upon completing each job, you can designate which work items are complete and which employees worked on specific service items and helps you compare your overall payroll budget for the job and to the detail items.