Qu-Soft Project Management Software

Qube Time Tracker™ and Qube Time Easy™

Qube Time Tracker works on computers, laptops, smart tablets and smart phones:
  • Qube time cards are convenient and powerful and accurate. 
  • Qube time cards can show you the actual cost of payroll in live time as the job progresses.
  • Qube time cards track in-out clock time, lunch breaks, travel time and company time comes all with GPS locations.
  • Qube time cards can also tracks union labor codes, positions and shifts.
  • Qube time cards hours are imported into QuickBooks at the push of a button.  No more exporting and importing into another program.
  • Your resources that have been assigned work orders and/or assigned to a team can see all  work details on their smart phone or tablet.
  • They can see materials, report how much used, assign who worked on what specific work details thru each job or work as a team.
  • Project managers can include their overall scope of work for easy sharing with the team. 
  • Resources can snap job pictures, enter in job journals, take pictures of receipts, upload videos or documents and more. 
  • Requires Qube Projects 2019 and a Quick Base subscription.

Customizable Options:

  • Tracking for Unions, Shifts and Positions.
  • Project Journal (with Pictures).
  • Project Manager Notes.
  • View and record the Actual Quantity of Materials used.
  • Track time against specific work details for one or more resources.
  • Capture Signatures on Time Cards.

Qube Time Easy™

Time Easy gives you a software solution for the rest of the team.  Whether they work in the office, or work in the field, Qube has time solutions for you.


Need to split out Time-Easy time cards?  

We have a time card splitter tool you can use to divi up the time spent on work task to different jobs.  This will save you time on this process, reduce errors and increase job costing efficiency.