Send-Easy – FAQ

What is Send-Easy?

Send-Easy is a powerful integrated software tool inside of Qube.  Send-Easy is virtually identical to an online document signing service, Send-Easy converts the various documents that are generated inside of Qube, such as estimates, invoices, purchase orders and work orders, into a PDF so they can be send and/or electronically signed without the use of another third-party software.  The signed documents are then stored back into the software and your customer is sent a copy automatically by email.

Can customers sign their estimates?

Yes, customers can sign their estimates on their computer, laptop, smart phones and tablets.

Can customers make a payment after signing an estimate?

Yes, customers are asked if they want to make a payment right after they sign their estimate.   If you do not have a credit cards setup it will not ask the customer.

What credit card merchants do you offer?

First Data is the recommended merchant option. Surveyed experience rates are from as low as 1.89% for non-reward cards to about 2.89% plus for reward cards depending on the card’s benefit schedule to the card holder.   Each account may differ depending on the type of business and the card presented for payment.

How long does it take for processed credit cards transactions to be deposited?

The full transaction amount is deposited into your bank usually within the next business day.

When do the credit card fees come out?

The fees come out at the end of the month including any monthly fee.  This makes it so much easier to reconcile your statements.