Time Tracking

Qube Time Tracker works on computers, laptops, smart tablets and smart phones:
  • Qube time cards are powerful and accurate.
  • Track the estimated vs actual cost of payroll in live time.
  • Functions include clock in/out, lunch breaks, travel and work time with GPS locations. Pin map shows where users clock in/out in relation to the job and their home.
  • Import time cards into QuickBooks. No more exporting and importing into another program.
  • Once resources are assigned to work orders they can track travel and work time to their jobs.
  • Tracking for Unions, Shifts and Positions.
  • Project Journal (with Pictures).
  • Project Manager Notes.
  • View and record the Actual Quantity of Materials used.
  • Track time against specific work details for one or more resources.
  • Capture Signatures on Time Cards
  • Capture clock in/out pictures.

Qube Time Easy™ Time Easy gives you a software solution for the rest of the team.  Whether they work in the office, or work in the field, Qube has time solutions for you.